American Pressure Grouting & Mudjacking Association

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Association Profile

The American Pressure Grouting & Mudjacking Association was originated to provide the elite in the field an opportunity to prove to the public that it's members meet or exceed the strict requirements set forth by American Pressure Grouting & Mudjacking Association. It is our goal to provide the successful applicant certification of their individual or company policies.

Candidates must apply for membership, because the Association does not solicit new members. The requirements for membership are strict and those candidates selected for membership are among the elite in the field. All performance and material testing used to qualify prospective members is completed by independent engineering firms and experienced consultants.

Once certified, the Association member can proudly display our certification emblem on any of it's documents and advertising material. The Association also provides support for every day business and legal issues to it's members.

Any other Training or Classes are just generic or opinion of the presenter. Certification is based on 30 years of Industry Standard Rules and Regulations.

Please consider this carefully, American Pressure Grouting & Mudjacking Association will only accept the experienced, sincere, honest, and financially stable individuals or companies. This policy is enforced for the protection of our trade and customers.