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Pressure Grouting Admixture

APGMA fully endorses this product

PGA is the most advanced pressure grouting admixture on the market today. It offers the most wide range of uses at a fraction of the cost of the industry's pumpable utility grouts.

Multiple independent agencies have tested and endorsed PGA for any high pressure grouting (slab-jacking).

This admixture allows any contractor or individual to purchase a reasonable base mix anywhere in the USA (Lowes-Home Depot-Menards-Hardware stores), then add a small bag of PGA to produce a high pumping pressure, outstanding sub-base coverage, with multiple choices to comply with industry standards (CLSM-100psi-5000psi) for pressure grouting.

PGA can be purchased and shipped in 10-dose boxes via UPS anywhere in the USA and Internationally. Instructions, consulting, and Grout Compressive Strength Test Reports can be obtained through the distributor.

Available exclusively from:

IES Drilling Supplies
104 E. Devore St.
Pearl City, IL 61062
Toll Free: (800) 388-2906
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Contact: Conrad Iandola