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American Pressure Grouting & Mudjacking Association

Introduction to Mudjacking/Pressure Grouting

Sponsored By:
Black-Jack Grout Pumps Inc.
4871 Hydraulic Road
Rockford, Illinois 61109

After 35 years in the mudjacking and pressure grouting business and being one of the industry's leading manufacturers of grout/mud/concrete pumps, Black-Jack Grout Pumps Inc. is sponsoring year round mud jacking/pressure grouting classes presented by American Pressure Grouting & Mudjacking Association


  • Proper techniques will be mastered by the student in procedures implementing hands on comfortable (70 degrees) indoor concrete lifting pavement applications.
  • Material specifications (admixtures) including proper slump of each lifting and void filling application, (meets or exceeds state and federal standards plus APGMA certified)
  • New techniques in injection hole repair including near invisible hole repair systems.
  • The most advanced techniques with special emphasis on difficult lifting scenarios in mudjacking, slabjacklng, and pressure grouting.
  • Upon successful completion of the course each student will receive certification with American Pressure Grouting and Mudjacking Association. This certification has been proven to increase sales and approval with the Better Business Bureau. Certification can be proudly being displayed in any advertisement including telephone yellow pages and internet web pages.

For class availability and more information please call Black-Jack Grout Pumps Inc. 1-800-834-2566

Register online now. A representative will contact you with class dates and availability.

Full Certification: $1,295.00 (USD).


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