American Pressure Grouting & Mudjacking Association

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The following requirements must be met in order to receive certification. Although they are strict, they assure your customers that you are qualified to perform the tasks necessary for a complete, professional job.

  • Provide a certificate of insurance for Commercial General Liability.
  • Provide a certificate of insurance for Workers Compensation (if applicable).
  • Better Business Bureau Report.
  • Financial Credit Report.
  • Proof of one year of field experience.
  • Provide videotape of a complete start to finish mudjacking application. (One single piece of walk minimum, with the applicant performing the work).
  • Provide a copy of picture I.D. that identifies the applicant performing the work.
  • Provide a 5 pound sample of dry material used in the videotape. Sieve analysis, organic content, and compression strength tests are used to ensure compliance with our standards.

Explanation of Requirements

Providing insurance certificates will only be required for companies wishing to certify themselves.

All members performing a service must carry the appropriate insurance required by their state of operations.

Individuals will receive an American Pressure Grouting & Mudjacking emblem/stamp with their own name on it as being certified. It is the responsibility of the certified individual and company to maintain the high standards set forth by the American Pressure Grouting & Mudjacking Association during any operations.

Individuals and Companies must be separately certified to ensure the highest standards.

Materials used shall have an organic content of less than 2% and conform to Illinois Department of Transportation FA-5 or equivalent. Black dirt, topsoil blends are prohibited for use on any project. Compression strength must be no less than 30 psi (3 X 6 cylinders at 28 days). A copy of all tests will be forwarded to the applicant. The reports listed will be judged by the agencies providing the results. All reporting agencies will be disclosed for the applicant's review.